Garage Door Replacement

If you’re looking to replace your outdated garage door with a new model, you’re in luck! TJ Overhead Doors carries the top garage door brands and is eager to perform garage door replacements. We proudly service commercial businesses and residential homes in the Portland metro area. Not only are our experts available to replace your garage doors, but they can replace outdated springs, garage door openers, and attic storage systems. Our garage doors are designed to promote your comfort and are both aesthetically appealing and durable. Contact TJ Overhead Doors today, we’re eager to replace your garage doors!

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Garage Door Replacement

Throughout time, garage doors and springs can wear down. If your garage door or garage door opener is broken, outdated, or not properly fitting your needs, our professionals can replace them. When a repair appointment is no longer an option, you can depend on TJ Overhead Door to supply you with an updated garage door or garage door opener.

Garage Door Brands We Offer:

If you are interested in a brand of garage door not found on this list, contact us today and ask about our other options! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Benefits of Garage Door Installation

A new garage door can save you time and energy in the years to follow. If you’re in a hurry and running late, you don’t want to deal with a garage door that won’t open! With a new, efficient model, your home or business will not only look great but can hold up for the years to come. On top of their speed and durability, a new garage door can also reduce your energy bills! Our garage door brands are insulated and sealed, keeping the insides of your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Don’t worry about air escaping, our brand-new doors can keep the interior of your garage a comfortable temperature year-round.

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Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement

How will you know if it’s time to replace a door? With proper care and maintenance, garage doors can last anywhere between 15 to 30 years. However, due to unpredictable factors such as accidents and the weather, this number can drastically change. If your door has had trouble opening, has a damaged panel, or has an unpredictable sensor, look into repair first. One of our service professionals can inspect your door and help you weigh the costs and balances of each option.

 Immediate reasons for replacement can include multiple damaged panels, usually a result of being hit unexpectedly by a car reversing. If your garage door has experienced many problems throughout the years and its repairs are becoming increasingly expensive, a replacement could be a worthwhile investment. A new garage door can save you time and hassle and will give your home a brand-new look. Avoid inconvenient breakdowns with a sleek new garage door that works efficiently.


TJ Overhead Door is proud to provide quality garage door services to both residents and business owners in the Portland Metro area. While traveling through the area, you’re sure to pass homes and businesses we have performed work on in the past. We greatly value our communities and are happy to lend a helping hand whenever they need us. Throughout the years we’ve accumulated a wide variety of loyal customers and can’t wait to add more to the list.

Garage Door Replacement in the Portland Metro Area:

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